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World View

Facing Mount Kenya Supporters of Homeless International recently took on the Mount Kenya challenge, to fund organisations working with poorly housed people. Malcolm Boorer reports on the trek and its lessons.

Day 1 We cross the Equator on the way from the lodge to the National Park Gate. Then we start walking, following the Sirimon Route,...

Finding employment solutions to homelessness in Zaragoza

How to make employment a solution to homelessness and not a barrier to better housing was the theme of a recent FEANTSA conference. This Euro-wide network against homelessness met in the Spanish city of Zaragoza, and agreed a detailed report ? multiple barriers, multiple solutions ? aimed at bringi...

A dream home in Serbia The new Serbian Parliament, elected in January, faces the legacy of conflict. Malcolm Boorer takes a look at the prospects for housing, which must play a key part in recovery. ?For the last 15 years we have spent in Serbia we have been dreaming about the moment when we are going to move to somewhere normal.? This is what Slavitsca, told me when I met her, living in a converted laundry in the basement of a multi st...
Poles apart By our special correspondent Malcolm Boorer The new enlarged Europe is getting smaller. In September the first Polish centre in Wales was opened by Assembly Regeneration Minister Edwina Hart. A few weeks later I was in Wroclaw, at a homelessness conference. Cheap flights help to make travel to places to Poland easy. In Kra...
From direct action to horizontal revolution the Bolivarian approach to housing by our special correspondent Malcolm Boorer

I am in Caracas to find out more about the Bolivarian revolution. When I ask what people do to enforce their constitution rights, the answer I get is that they take direct action. To prove the point I am shown yesterday?s newspaper. On the front page is a headline ?Sin Techo marchan por casas dignas?, about a march...

El Salvador
After the Earthquake ? how to rebuild communities in El Salvador

Malcolm Boorer reports on a study visit about post disaster recovery in Central America.

We stood in a circle under a tree. Here local residents from nearby villages told us all about their experience in coping with earthquakes and floods, concluding that sticking together was the most important thing they had learnt overcoming their misfortunes. Listening to them w...


On the Streets of Mumbai By our Special correspondent Malcolm Boorer

It is 7 in the morning and the sun rises over the city of Mumbai. There is plenty of activity in the streets, where many people live. Many have already gone to work, but as the traffic passes others are cooking or washing.



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