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Domestic energy assessors
31.10.07 Open Letter to Yvette Cooper MP Minister For Housing Dear Minister,   As a major full time employer of Domestic Energy Assessors we represent the views of many individuals in the industry. We wrote to you and officials recently requesting clarity on when the full roll out would be implemented.   We wrote because of the very real financial difficulties and threats to employment and livelihoods being faced by the families of over 5,000 ...
11.10.07 open letter from Paul Holmes to Yvette Cooper on HIPs

Dear Yvette, Following on from yesterday?s opposition day debate, I am writing to call for an open, public and independent review into home information packs to take place once they have been in use for over four months. I believe and have long believed that home information packs and their implementation were botched and are an example of a great failure of this governmen...

No consent
No consent As a director of a small company undertaking development in Surrey, it is with increasing incredulity that I listen to the pronouncements from successive ministers about the latest initiative to increase housing land supply and simultaneously solve the affordable housing crisis. Have any ministers, or regional authority reps, been to the ?coal face? of planning recently? We have been endeavouring to get planning permission on a brownf...
Housing crash

Housing crash needed The UK needs a housing crash sooner rather than later, because the longer you try to manipulate the market and put it off, the more severe the correction will be when it arrives. Look at global interest rates, what is happening in China, bond yields, inflation, levels of debt, and realise that the global economy is on a knife edge. The only way to restore the balance is to close the gap between the rich and the poor, and a withd...

London suburbs LETTER FOR PUBLICATION Dear Sir, Two thirds of Londoners live in the suburbs - are you one of them?  Why do you like living in the suburbs?  What affects your quality of life?  Are there enough local shops, or do you prefer to use larger shopping centres? Are there enough local community facilities in your area? Is public transport impr...
Small developers
Small developments 11.10.06 Dear Editor, Brian Berry is absolutely right. I would not class myself as a small  developer, I was contemplating selling my home and garden to a developer who is  buying up several houses around me using an option agreement, but if PGS or Roof  Tax applied to me, any gain would be potentially wiped out. Any suggestion of £18,500 per unit or 30 per cent tax is effectively a Capital  Gains Tax on ...
Mitchell to Kelly
18.09.06 Open letter to Ruth Kelly, Minister for Communities and Local Government, from Austin Mitchell MP.

Dear Ruth I am writing to express the serious concerns of the Council Housing Group of MPs on two separate issues concerning the government?s policy on council housing privatisation. Firstly I understand that your department has decided to exclude tenants from regional consultation meetings. On June 7 2006 you l...

to Michael Gove MP

Michael Gove MP House of Commons London SW1A 0AA

7th June 2006

Dear Mr Gove,

I am writing to you regarding the Conservative Party?s policy on Home Information Packs (HIPs). You will recall our meeting earlier this year, at which we outlined the responsible and coordinated way in which our industry was approaching its responsibilities to ensure the launch of HIPs is a success. Unfortunately, your Party is doing little to encourage any in...

Empty dwellings

Empty dwelling management orders Joint letter in support 13.07.06

Dear Sir, Across England there are just under 300,000 private homes empty for more than six months. At a time of high housing need, we support the new powers for councils on tackling long-term private empty homes to meet housing need. Empty homes have a detrimental impact on communities: they attract crime and vandalism and can devalue neighbouring houses by as much a...


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