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Vacation Rental
House near Vancouver BC Canada sleeps 6
Deep Cove

Advice Line Staff wanted
£16.64 ph central London
letting of private resi property

housing development sites
available in Thames Gateway
access database

glass fibre wallcoverings with fire certification
Dulux Decorating Centre

Do you rent out property?
you may need to pay tax
Landlords click to find out

West Wales
Holiday accommodation sleeps 2/20

Distance Learning
certificates in specialist housing areas
for further information

The easy way to get Sky TV into your flats
Sky TV for flats

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  1. There is a minimum payable amount of £10 to open an account for Property People services. This minimum is fixed to cover the set up administrative costs in opening an account but the full £10 is applied to the account.
  2. Because subscribers and service users have full control over the amounts paid into their accounts in amounts of £1 increments after the initial £10, no refunds will be paid of outstanding balances held in accounts.
  3. Any unused balances for subscriptions and services will be held indefinitely and can be applied to any subscriptions or services, current or future, provided by Property People supplied to the account holder.
  4. No interest is payable on unused account balances.



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